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Disclaimer: This Photo Book contains some partial nudity photographs.

You can download this Instant PDF E-BOOK version after purchase. Instant PDF E-BOOK is viewable on any device.


The New Asian Men or Asian Men Redefined is a calendar and photo book project produced and photographed by Dannydan since 2007.
This REVEAL 58 Photo Book is featuring Van Zhu modeling debut in studio settings with the newest apparel from CELLBLOCK13, TIMOTEO, and VAUX.
This photo book consists of 203 full-color photographs in 200 pages.
Model by Van Zhu. Photography by Dannydan. Editing by Bubu Lim.
The New Asian Men and REVEAL Photo Books feature various Asian men; professional & amateur models from North America regions and Asian countries.

Reveal 58 - Van Zhu - PDF E-Book

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