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Disclaimer: This Photo Book contains some partial & full explicit nudity photographs.
Note: Shipping in United States may take 1-2 week. Shipping to outside of United States may take 4-6 weeks for this Photo Book.

The New Asian Men or Asian Men Redefined is a calendar and photo book project produced and photographed by Dannydan since 2007.
This Reveal Photo Book is featuring Edonis, a Chinese descent guy with slim muscular body and defined 6-pack abs. We started the photo shoot with a casual look in the living room, then Edonis slowly taking off his clothes to all fully nude; REVEALing his smooth bubble butts. Since the weather was ideal, we brought the photo shoot to the swimming pool with the background of Bangkok skyscraper MahaNakhon Tower. After a whole lot of water play, we did more shooting with plain background and in the sofa; all with him slowly taking off his clothes while posing showing his defined muscular arms, back, pecs, and abs. We ended the photo shoot with Edonis posing fully naked in the bedroom, strutting his sexy back and bubble butts.
The New Asian Men and REVEAL Photo Books feature various Asian men; professional & amateur models from North America regions and Asian countries.
This photo book consists of 240 full-color photographs in 240 pages.

Instagram | Twitter | OnlyFans @thenewasianmen

Model by DJ
Photography by Dannydan
Editing by Bubu Lim

Model Search:
We are always looking for Asian & Pacific Islander men to model for our next Calendars and Photo Books. Please visit our website or contact us through e-mail
The New Asian Men Calendars & Photo Book are available online at

Reveal 119 - Edonis - Soft Cover Photo Book

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